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Geek’s home is an „Exploratorium for film- video- und computer-technology", a museum that invites you to try, touch and participate, initiated by Thomas Harbers. Here you can see, use and explore media- and interactive technology from 1905 until today.

Our exhibits come from several private collections and represent a good cross section through the history of film- video- and computer technology from the last 110 years. Although our Exhibition has a considerable volume by now, it is not our main goal to have the most complete collection of all media and interactive technology that ever existed.

Our primary goal is to be able to demonstrate all the exhibits and preserve them so you can experience them yourself, to see how technology developed and advanced throughout the years. We don't just display silent whitnesses, but we also have the people who still know how to use these machines and who will gladly tell everybody more about them and their backgrounds.

By organising trainings, workshops, exhibitions and conferences Geek's home wants to be a platform for people of all ages intersted in technology, that preserves "old" knowledge and teaches old techniques as well as current and future technologies to inspire new Ideas.


Interested? Then connect with us one one of our events or in our free forum.

There you can meet a few members and see all our initial exhibits. See you there!


Thomas Harbers
(on this image with about 1% of our collection)