Geek’s home is an exploratorium for film- video and computer technology.

Geek’s home isn’t just a museum showing silent exhibits behind glass, but an active community of Geeks (”technically enthusiasmized individuals“) that shares its knowledge and “toys” with everybody interested.

We bundled several private collections of film- video and computer technology and created the officially registered charitable association “Geek’s home”. The resulting collection of exhibits ranging for 1900 until today is being maintained and repaired by us and is accessible for the broad public.

The primary goal for Geek’s home is to enable people to experience and discover past and current technologies. We want people to be able to touch, use and explore everything, Hence the name “Exploratorium”.

Geek’s home is THE location where technology-savvy and knowledge-hungry people of all ages and professions meet to exchange knowledge and experiences about anything connected with the entertainment industry throughout the ages.

What does Geek's Home offer:

  • An exhibition with several thousand exhibits of film- video- and computer-technology, from 1900 until today that can be used by all members and visitors.
  • Trainings, workshops, talks and conferences about anything connected with moving images and interactive technologies, for all ages.
  • An archive of time-witness-interviews with pioneers of the entertainment and computer graphics industry.
  • A huge fundus of old and new spare parts and machines for exploring and learning.
  • Screenings of films on various projectors from the last 110 years.
  • A platform for technology oriented artists.
  • A library with manuals, magazines, books, scientific publications and software.

Meet our members at one of our many events or join the Forum and connect with us there.

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